Col·legi Oms i de Prat

Oms i de Prat is a school in the city of Manresa. We have 700 students between the ages of 3 and 16, in three different educational settings, pre-primary, primary and secondary. We are a comprehensive school, aiming to meet all the students’ global needs and to raise healthy committed responsible citizens. Last year we celebrated our 50th anniversary.

In our school we speak Catalan and Spanish and we learn English, German and French as foreign languages. We have had a student exchange programme with a German school for more than ten years.

We offer different after-school activities from robotics to judo, being basketball the most popular one, with teams in all categories of the school league. Since Manresa has got a long tradition of basketball, with a team in the major league of the country, this is a beloved sport among our students.

Our school belongs to a bigger foundation, Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera, which has branches of interest in different fields. One of them is Alícia Foundation, whose main goal is to “work for healthy eating for everyone”. They have helped us to learn about our diet and find ways of improving it.

Another area of focus of our foundation is nature. They take care of natural sites that, given their ecological fragility, need to be protected. At the same time, they carry out an important work on enviromental education, bringing together nature and society. Our students have been able to enjoy these activities. We hope they will realise that being in touch with nature will have great benefits for their mental health.

What about Manresa?

Manresa is located at a distance of 60 kilometers from Barcelona. It has got a population of around 70.000 inhabitants. In our city went through two historical periods of remarkable importance, medieval and modernism times, whose cultural impact has left a footprint throughout our city.


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