Primary school Vidovec, Varaždin/Croatia

Primary school Vidovec is placed 7 kilometers from beautiful baroque town Varaždin. We have 359 students, aged 7-15 & divided into 24 classes. Our school curriculum contains subjects as a maternal language – Croatian, Foreign languages (German and English), Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, Geography,  Informatics, Religion, Art, Physical and Health culture.

Also, in our school, we have different extracurricular activities: hiking group, radio group, photography group, literal and reading group, “First Aid” group, “Videki – Deutschtheatergruppe”, sports group (football, handball, basketball, volleyball, athletics, dance), a school counseling accessible to all students, communication skills training & social-emotional learning. Our local community with handball and football clubs and dance group “ELI” is also supporting the promotion of an active lifestyle. Furthermore, the city of Varaždin is full of available activities for our student so some of them are members of the swimming group, chess club, boxing club, and athletics club.

We have a lot of school-level projects in which we combine mental & physical health with creativity such as “Month of Croatian Book”, “Day of Glagolitic”, “Olympic day” “Theaterspiele”, “Pink shirt day”, “Mental Health Day”, “Dance Battle”, Healthy Kids project, etc.

What about Varaždin?

Varaždin is not only a beautiful baroque town but it is also the cultural, economic, sporting & tourist center of Northwestern Croatia. 

Heading through the hills around Varaždin allows you find traces of the ancient Romans, the journey to a path to the center of the world, travel from the castle to castle and explore the rest of beauties. It is often called the town of bicycles and town of angels.


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